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This is not just a brand, it's a movement! We want everyone to feel confident and sexy in their own skin!!


That’s actually why Top Notch Recovery was founded by Ryan Rhyan and Alexandria Styles.

 Our vision is to make each, and everyone feel and look their absolute best. There is no better feeling than helping everyone feel beautiful!! And that’s just how our brand top notch recovery came about. Top Notch Recovery is a company inspired to help pre-op and post op cosmetic surgery dolls along with our everyday dolls who just simply want to get fit and obtain great quality garments. We not only believe you need quality products to achieve your desired look, but the support is an extremely important part of the process. Finding high quality products can be difficult and frustrating! After undergoing cosmetic surgery, we found that we were spending tons of money trying to find a good garment to support us after undergoing surgery. A good quality garment is the key to your results. After facing this difficulty, we promised one another we are going to work to make sure other dolls don’t experience this struggle, so we didn’t stop until we made that happen! During the process we realized our passion was to help and make as many women as possible feel confident and sexy! Here at top notch recovery, we understand the importance of high-quality garments to help achieve your desired look. Top notch recovery’s objective is to provide the absolute best products that our dolls could ask for. Our goal is to make your dreams and visions a reality!!!

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